Are we a just society…

… when we don’t obey our own laws?

“Congress is way out of touch on this issue,” said Paul. “These people who believe in projecting American power, really believe in projecting American weakness. They don’t want us to respond to words with actions or obey our own laws.”


Help An Old Lady Cross The Street…

… where your homeboys can bust a cap in her.  This may happen when Grand Theft Auto XX meets the Webelos.  Just saying.

I don’t know if this is where Scouting is headed, but I am worried.  Before you click the link below please read this excerpt from the Scouting Handbook:

Be Prepared.

That’s the motto of the Boy Scouts.

“Be prepared for what?” someone once asked Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting,

“Why, for any old thing.” said Baden-Powell.

The training you receive in your troop will help you  live up to the Scout motto. When someone has an accident, you are prepared because of your first aid instruction. Because of lifesaving practice, you might be able to save a nonswimmer who has fallen into deep water.

But Baden-Powell wasn’t thinking just of being ready for emergencies. His idea was that all Scouts should prepare themselves to become productive citizens and to give happiness to other people. He wanted each Scout to be ready in mind and body for any struggles, and to meet with a strong heart whatever challenges might lie ahead.

Be prepared for life – to live happily and without regret, knowing that you have done your best. That’s what the Scout motto means.

The Scouts are now offering a Belt Loop for Video Games.   Anyone else worried?

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God Watches You Google…

… From Tim Challies:

What is so amazing about these searches is the way people transition seamlessly from the normal and mundane to the outrageous and perverse. They are, thus, an apt reflection of real life. The user who is in one moment searching for information about a computer game may in the next be looking for the most violent pornography he can imagine. Back and forth it goes, from information about becoming a foster parent to the search for incestual pornography. One user went from searching for preteen pornography to searching for games appropriate for a youth group. Others, spurned lovers, sought out ways of exacting revenge while still others grappled with the moral implications of cheating on their spouses. These searches are a glimpse into the hearts of the people who made them.

Glimpse into your heart?  Can repentance be far behind?

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Child Rape Should Be A Tough Read…

… and Robert Goolrick is tough and he takes the horrible people who make up much of Hollywood and the Camp d’Artist to task.  A snippet:

Define Artist. Not so easy to do. Now define pedophiliac child rapist. Pretty simple. If Polanski had been, say, a bus driver in Cleveland who had fed Quaaludes and Champagne to a thirteen-year-old girl and then raped and sodomized her, I doubt Jack Lang would be so quick to tell the rest of us about the privileges that come with driving a bus. Jack Lang doesn’t care about bus drivers. Jack Lang cares about Artists.

Just in case you don’t know (I didn’t until his name was linked with this perversion), Jack Lang is a former French Cultural Minister arguing that Roman Polanski should be set free on the Rarified Artist Principle:  “Infamous Sodimites are Terrific .” 

The Rarified Artist Principle or (RAPe) simply states that wickedness is only committed outside the Camp d’Artist.  Anything occurring inside the Camp that could be defined as wicked outside d’Artist must be viewd through the lens of creativity.   And when that is done Woody Allen becomes parent of the year and Roman Polanski’s tortured soul is the font from which springs life in all its digital glory.

RAPIST… it’s a way of life.

The only hope for a wicked a perverse generation is the Gospel of Christ, which supplants the wickedness with goodness and the perversion with the Love of God.  May we repent and cling to Christ alone.

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