Roman Catholics and Romans 13

In a recent conversation with a Lutheran pastor here in Milton, Florida we discussed the nature of the Roman Catholic revelations of abuse in the church, which has been going on for decades. In my mind, the issue boils down to celibacy. It is simplistic, but sociologically it makes sense. My Lutheran brother argued that the problem with Rome is that they do not understand the role of the civil sphere (Rom. 13). If a priest abuses a child, you do not take the matter and make it a hierarchical secret; rather, you take it to the cops. Somehow, I think celibacy and this failure to understand the role of government in issues outside of the church’s calling summarize the matter quite well.


2 responses to “Roman Catholics and Romans 13

  1. I think that the answer is both. I think that the RCC would have been a lot better off now if they had called the cops when the incidents happened. I also think that based on 1 Cor 7 the solution to sexual temptation is marital sex (something that is impossible for priests with the vows they take).

    With that being said, I think that a lot of this scandal is media made. There are a certain number of creeps in any organization and I don’t know that the data shows that the percentage in the RCC is significantly higher than other organizations. I think that I have read a lot more stories on creeps in the public schools than in the RCC this year. Of course the MSM doesn’t attack the public schools…instead they like to attack the church right before Easter.

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