“I feel much better when I get off the cross”…

… or why the Roman Church has such a problem with pedophile priests.

In this horror of a practice Filipino Roman Catholics voluntarily nail themselves to crosses and flagellate themselves in hopes of earning favor with God.

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The Roman Church has spoken against this practice with the Bishops of Manila condemning the practice.  Well, they say that there is a place for such penance, but the context here is all wrong:

“Flagellation is a form of penance done even centuries ago. But to do this out of context is wrong. It should not be done as an act of superstition,” Monsignor Pedro Quitorio, the bishops’ spokesman, said in a statement.

This brings me to my point about pedophile priests.  There is a way to stop Roman Catholics from this foolishness.  Start disciplining those in the Church who refuse to stop this beastly practice.  It makes a mockery of the Crucifixion and the hope we have in a Crucified and risen Savior.  The Roman Church has, to my knowledge, refused to excommunicate those who perform these wicked passion plays and they have no real desire to do so.  It is better to not rock the boat and offend the people of these tribal countries.

When the priests of Rome were raping children the Roman Church could have removed those priests, defrocked them and kept them from the confessional booths where many of the rapes occurred.  They choose not to because discipline is just not something the Roman Church does. 

They have proven themselves unfaithful in the “small things”, like the crucifixions and flagellations, it should be no surprise at all when they prove themselves unfaithful in the great things.

Just so you don’t miss this:  “small things” is in quotes for a reason.  The Roman Church has a whole system of penance set up to do exactly what these Filipinos are doing in the streets of the city.  The Roman practices are ingrained into the people.  They are just carrying out what their teachers have taught them.  Context, and these teachings, be damned.  

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