Read Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman. Or No Place for Truth by David Wells. Both will give you sufficient grounds to throw your 328 inch plasma screen television into the sea. But if you don’t have time (or, you can’t because of your television-induced inability to read more than 500 words at a time) read this.

[edit: apparently the link is not consistent and some of you have been sent to read a story about a rhinoceros or something like that. The upshot of the article is that television is killing you. So don’t watch it.]


7 responses to “I KNEW It!

  1. Personally I think Postman’s argument has been defeated by the Internet. His main beef with the TV, and by extension any other technological medium, (though seriously it was written in the 80’s guys..) is that it is ruining our ability to express a high caliber of thought. The medium sets the standard for the content, in other words. The rise of blogging plainly shows it was an empty fear.

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