um, dudes

I think I broke our blog.


9 responses to “um, dudes

  1. It doesn’t look too broke to me. I mean the title bar is different, but I wouldn’t call it broke. I can still comment, so it couldn’t be broke. Just sayin’.

  2. K, here’s the thing. I was attempting to update the header…that’s all – really. In the process I also deleted the “tag cloud” because, well, it looked goofy to me. At some point I ended up totally deleting the header in an attempt to recapture what once was, only to discover that you can’t go back just a little – it’s an all or nothing deal.

    The net result was that the whole blog went narrow and the header went blue. I’ve redone the header to bear some resemblance to the way it used to be. I can’t figure out how widen things again.

    I’m sorry. Sackcloth and ashes sorry. But get over it, people. It’s just a blog.

  3. Me, I don’t like it. But then I prefer the body styling of the late 70s Nova, so I guess I’m a traditionalist. The ole ole basket was good enough for me.

    That thing at the top looks like
    a. a giant bloated jolly rancher
    b. a melted can of sterno
    c. a massive loogie after eating lots of redhots, or
    d. a steak injected with a dollop of burning lava.

    Can’t make up my mind.

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