“God Did Not Create The Filibuster…”

…nope, He didn’t.  Nor is it required constitutionally.  Yet there is great wisdom in that rule, preventing the foolishness of group-think.  In the wake of our President’s election a euphoria swept through the loins of our would be overlords and they began to propose life altering legislation. 

There were a few that recognized the danger and stood to fight.  The Honorable Barney, my boy friend’s a prostitute – who knew?, Frank hates that these smaller states, “mountain states” in particular, can slow down something as important as Obamacare.  

So, pwesent you eaws  and twemble…

BARNEY FRANK IS NOT GETTING HIS WAY – pitch a sassy fit why doncha!

You are now free to go take a shower.

al sends


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