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So, I was driving into work and listening to NPR’s local financial report, given by Dr. Rick Harper of UWF.  He and the host were talking about the upcoming jobs report (not released at that time).  Dr. Harper said that we can expect about 8 thousand jobs to have been lost in December.  He has doctorate in economics from Duke and I assume does a little research ‘fore he speaks.

Here is the deal…  The Drudge report puts up the headline when the report came out:

 THE NUMBER: DEC. -85,000 JOBS… 10%…

 We lost 85,000 jobs in December… 10 times what the good professor predicted. 

 I have noticed that the expectations of our leading economists are often skewed from reality.  It is as if they don’t understand the effect raising people’s taxes, pushing a take over of healthcare and the potential cap and trade fiasco has on the thing they have studied.  

What do they teach them up at Duke?

al sends


2 responses to “Expectations…

  1. Hi Al – I have to protest – I did not say “8,000 job loss” nor any other number. I waited to email you til they posted that audio file on the WUWF website, and I listened again just to make sure. Since we tape on Thursday afternoon to air Friday morning, I wasn’t going to give a specific, but inevitably wrong, number to air opposite the actual jobs number, which always comes out at 7:30 cst on the first non-holiday Friday of the month. However, if I had, it would have been minus 50,000 and even that proved to be too optimistic. It’s a tough, tough job market for several years to come.

  2. hmmm… My apologies for screwing that up. Forgive me for not doing my due diligence and rechecking the audio. I should not write about things I hear about on the radio during my drive time. I wonder if I heard someone else mention that number?

    Thank you for taking the time to set the record straight. I shall be more careful in the future and hope I have not caused you any harm.

    al sends

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