Piper on “Do Not Read” List



9 responses to “Piper on “Do Not Read” List

  1. Wow. At this moment I don’t really know what else to say. That fella makes some pretty outlandish claims. Who is he?

  2. FYI – His wife is not the co-pastor, never has been, never desires to be. HOWEVER, she DOES labor with him tirelessly in the work and did co-found this non-profit organization, planting this new church work when it took guts & great personal & financial sacrifice to do so. That’s even better than being someone’s “co-pastor”. The church to which you refer has one head, not two.

  3. I just would like some of those claims or accusations backed up with chapter and verse and sermon. But I ask myself, is it worth diving into that dialogue or should I just continue believing what I know to be true? I think I should keep on believing.

  4. Sonia Renae,

    I am just reading the church’s website… She is listed as a pastor.


    “A Brief History of the Pastor and His Family
    Ronnie Christian, a Santa Rosa County native, pastors PCC. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology and a Master’s Degree in Christian Education. Prior to pastoring PCC he, together with his wife Renae, pastored two denominational churches over a 20-year period, one in the Pensacola area and one near Gainesville, FL. Renae currently serves PCC as our Worship Pastor and Youth Pastor.”

    I am sorry if this comes as a shock to you.

    al sends

  5. To the heart of the matter: he claims that John Piper is a false teacher who preaches a false gospel. This, of course, would also condemn a whole lot of others who believe the same theology as Piper. This would mean John MacArthur, R.C. Sproul, Al Mohler, Mark Dever, and a host of others presently preaching and teaching are false teachers. It would also mean a whole host of men throughout the history of the church have held to this false gospel, including Charles Spurgeon, Jonathan Edwards, Martin Luther, John Calvin, the majority of the Presbyterians, Lutherans, and many Baptists.

    My guess is he is afraid of Piper’s influence in his church. He should be. I would also guess he has some who are warming their hands over the fire of such theology. He is afraid his people will get burned, so he has warned them of the danger of the fire. Now he will have a lot more going to check out the fire.

    By the way, you shouldn’t just accept what someone else says concerning John Piper. Check him out for yourself: http://www.desiringgod.org. You will find numerous sermons, conferences (including other respected speakers), and his books free and on-line.

    Don’t be scared.

  6. Jonny,

    I sent this via comment on his blog…

    Pastor Christian,

    I think folks are concerned about your post in that you don’t really give specifics.

    You have anathematized him and I think you should at least give your sheep a page number or something more specific than just promising that you “can provide documented verification.”

    Grace and Peace,

    al sends

    Soooo easy to hit the send button and excommunicate someone from the Church.

    al sends

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