Costs For Killing Babies….

… turtles vs. children.

In America there is a cost for killing the unborn.


This cost will be born by the disturber of the nest or eggs. 


From Planned Parenthood: If you want to  “disturb, mutilate, destroy” your own baby it will cost about $350$900 in the first trimester.  It could be cheaper to kill your child than to have turtle soup this evening.

The turtles may outlive the Americans. 

al sends


One response to “Costs For Killing Babies….

  1. Why is it that something that would seem to be simple common sense is completely missed? Sin is indeed a dark thing that blackens the heart and mind.

    (Related to this…did you see Sarah’s recent post and how she wants to help the Pregnancy Resource Center? You can find it from a link on our blog…and then put her to work…end of shameless plug…)

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