The Frog Is in the Kettle

I have not read Mark Steyn’s book America Alone.  Al tells me it is quite good. I have, however, read this address that Steyn delivered at Hillsdale College on March 9, 2009. It is titled “Live Free or Die,” and the verb is in the imperative mood.

His speech is remarkable — and quite alarming.


5 responses to “The Frog Is in the Kettle

  1. Thanks for this link. I have not read the book either, but that lecture is eye-popping! Will we ever wake up from the daze?

  2. Josh, we will be doing something real close to that with our post… Something along the lines of fighting for the right to pray to the generic American god.

    al sends

  3. “Live free or die”? Did I miss something in the article? Isn’t it better to live enslaved and struggle than to die?

    Although there are a few words that are always omitted from slogans such as this. It’s more like “(Let me) Live free or (I’ll make you) die.”

  4. Thanks for sharing the link, David. We’re often clueless in so very many ways – this address was very thought provoking.

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