Post 1000…

… this is not it. 

This is, in fact, post 997.  That is right, we have posted some of the most absurd, yet flaccid text on the net – and here you are – reading it.  Now, for post 1000 I have two questions…

  1. What would you like us to write about?
  2. Which one of us would you like to see write it?

We will choose one question and that person will get a prize of some kind.

al sends


13 responses to “Post 1000…

  1. Top choices:

    -Rob talking about “In God We Trust.”
    -Uri talking about the English civil war.
    -Al talking about the parable of the faithful/unfaithful servants in Luke 12.
    -Rob talking about the beatitudes.
    -Uri talking about Mike Servetus.
    -Three way discussion of Damien Hirst’s “For The Love of God.”
    -Three way discussion of “The Great Divorce.”

    Lesser choices:

    Al talking about the Gucci Spring 2009 line.

    Even if I don’t win:

    Can I still have a prize, and can that prize be delicious and shared among us all at a favorite local watering hole?

  2. Options:
    Rob talking about the Baptist and the Psalter
    Al talking about “is Obama a neo-conservative?”
    David talking about Lutheranism in the US or the future of Classical Education

  3. Rob: “Living with Sam,”
    or perhaps “The advantages of adding mustard to a monster roast beef sandwich”

    Al: “The state of the US military,”
    or perhaps “How not to lose your keys”

    Uri: “Being a new dad,”
    or perhaps “Filling small shoes with large feet”

  4. all of your suggestions were lovely. we wanted to post them all, but alas it is not to be. Rob Hadding and I went to a Student Freedom Rally tonight at a local church. Our 1000th post will be taken up with our observations, thoughts and descriptions of a move of the Spirit.

    He moved Rob and I anyway. Though He moved us mostly to sit on our hands, while others stood and applauded.

    al sends

  5. I look forward to the post, I was also moved to sit on my hands, until the nice lady on the row in front of us decided it was time for us to go. I guess we all looked a little too much like ACLU infultraters, but what should I have expected being that they likely have not seen a child in church all of their lives. So, I am sure it was a bit confusing and very scary for them as my wife and I had not only one, but two children with us. I can’t even image what it would have been like if we were Providence eligable and had three kids…..

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