Covenant Loveliness…

… 40 unwasted seconds.

Posted on Doug Wilsons Blog is where I found it and the original host site is here: VIMEO

al sends


12 responses to “Covenant Loveliness…

  1. Me too, Dan. Um, I mean, I’m not biting your tongue, because, ew. Is there such a thing as an Urgent Psychological Care? I mean, you’re a nice enough guy, I suppose. And I’m sure to the women you’re attractive and all, but, you know…ew. What were we talking about?

  2. Sure there are more Covenantals than Baptists by a ratio of three to one, but break out the Baptist videos. We are an equal opportunity blog here.

    (snark on hold, cuz I love my neck-huggin’ friend Rob and respect my internet friend Dan)

    al sends

  3. I’m not going to bite mine, or anyone else’s tongue. I’ll just say, “That is a beautiful dedication service.” We’ll talk emersion some other time. If you’re happy, I’m thrilled for you.


  4. “Baptist Dedications” – Dry Baptisms by folks who intuitively know that God looks at their children differently than He does the world’s children.

    If they make you happy, imagine what the real deal would do!

    al sends

  5. I love it when a baptism-lovefest breaks out.

    It takes so little when you have baptists hanging around. (I mean that with all the love in my heart.)

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