Rap And The High Priest…

… I know, but watch it anyway:

That aint no jiz’oke.
al sends


4 responses to “Rap And The High Priest…

  1. I have a hard time with rap in general and this is no exception but here goes …
    Where is Jesus Christ the Lord in all this?!? This is pure Old Testament and the sacrifice for my sins was Jesus Christ on the cross once for all my sins and all time.
    Jesus Christ is my high priest and He alone can go into the presence of God to have my sin penalty taken away by His cleansing blood. It is not the blood of a lamb or goat offered by a man once a year. My marvelous redemption did not take place in some earthly location but at the throne of Almighty God in the highest heaven. God alone pure and holy. No one … man or woman … can be in His presence except through the blood of Christ.
    I am redeemed through Christ and Christ alone.

  2. Grandpa W…

    I think Christ was all over this… Showing what the high priest did shows a shadow of what Christ would do. It has the same value as reading the Old Testament. We cannot really understand what Jesus did without the Old Testament.

    al sends

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