Gay Marriage: Perez vs. Praeger

Praeger is a natural law advocate and a religious Jew. His arguments do not carry the same weight in my mind, but still, he debates homosexual Perez on the issue and makes some valid points on Larry King.


2 responses to “Gay Marriage: Perez vs. Praeger

  1. Gays have equal rights,they have the same right to marry someone of the other sex as any of us have.

    Next we will hear that those that wish to marry a 10 year old, or have multiple wives /husbands or their German Shepherd are being discriminated against.

  2. Thing is, TAR, it is right to discriminate against the one who wants to marry a 10 year old or a german shepherd. The mistake is to think that discrimination of all kinds is wrong. We must be discriminating. Sometimes people draw lines in some pretty silly places, but there are some lines which are clearly drawn.

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