The British Ron Paul!


7 responses to “The British Ron Paul!

  1. I think he should work on making how he really feels clear to everyone.
    I like this guy…..We need some of this over here.
    Thanks and congratulations on your Ordination Pastor Uri.


  2. Here is the thing… I like Ron Paul. His was the first bumper sticker I ever put on any vehicle. This guy is everything I wish Ron Paul was. Ron Paul just seems like a crazy uncle who wont shut up. Our viral video star has some weight.

    al sends

  3. I wish this guy would come over here so I could vote for him.

    I loved the flash of Gordon Brown chuckling as he scribbled furiously. British politics are great.

    And I add my congratulations, Rev. Brito.

  4. Brown’s posture during the blasting was priceless. I think if I were under such attack I’d be out the door or looking for something heavy to throw at him. I wish we had guys here who could talk like Hannan. I wish we had leaders who could take it like Brown.

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