The Monk’s Rush

Michael Spenser talks about Rush Limbaugh and evangelicals. To Monk I say, “Ditto.”

Read it here.


4 responses to “The Monk’s Rush

  1. Pastor Rob, I’ve going to have to agree completely with you on this one. In fact, pretty much anything tagged under Spencer’s “American Idolatry” section is pretty good.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing that post. It was a very edifying examination of the issue and a good reminder of how easily confused we are.

  3. Apart from the cool cigars he smokes (correction: former stained fingers), Rush is the best common grace offers in our political commentary. Of course, he is wrong on the war, on the Constitution, on habeas corpus, on No child left behind, on wiretapping, on torture, Gitmo, on terrorism, on Christianity, on Just War Theory, to be continued….

  4. I think Rush gets it right more often than wrong, but he is still NOT my standard of righteousness. I like the “Monk’s” article, I think he is right on. But as Christians in a free society we must be heard if we are to be light and salt. This, I believe, is done by the classical education found only in Christian private schools and home schooling. The link below will NEVER be allowed to play in the Gub’ment church. This clears much of the identity confusion of our nation.


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