Sam is Eight!

Sam turns eight years old today. There will doubtless be countless reminders of this as the day progresses. It’s what he does.

The other day Sam, after completing a major work on the kazoo, said to his mother, “Mom, the kazoo doesn’t make me special; it just makes me loud.”

He is special, but it has very little to do with the kazoo, and much to do with a great God who makes great gifts like kazoo blowing, gluten-free-diet-eating, Pinocchio Marlin and Square Man creating, laughing, inquizative, joyful sons.

Happy Birthday, son. In you I am well pleased.


11 responses to “Sam is Eight!

  1. Isn’t it about time Sam got a BB gun for his birthday? Happy Birthday Sam!
    PS Ron thinks it should be a 22.

  2. You want him to grow up to be big and manly don’t you? Doug Wilson says in Future Men boys should play with guns and swords.

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