… or Break Fast.

I know, I know… But I am not a slave to my own fasting devices and will roger up when the Spirit moves me.  I need to bring to your attention a couple of events that might (should) interest you. 

First, our own Uriesou Brito is preparing for ordination and the laying on of hands shall occur at 6:30PM at Providence.  We meet at Trinitas Christian School on Johnson Ave and if you need directions please go here:  Trinitas.  

This is also an opportunity for you to attend a Covenant Renewal Worship service without having to miss a Sunday at your church.  Our service will be very similar to what we do every Lord’s Day at Providence.

Second, and this is almost as exciting, we will be having a guest blogger in the next couple of weeks.  I am still working on the details, but there will be a famous author and TV commentator stopping by our little backwater of a Blog to inject a comment or two (DV).  

When I was on radio regularly I was able to interview the likes of John Stossel, Mark Steyn, Pat Buchannan and others.  I also tried to pin down the controversial author who is planning on making an appearance here at The BasketTM, but it never came to pass.  Like Joseph in the pit, I had no idea how God was going to work my disappointment in Radio for my audience’s good, but now I see.  What the author’s publisher meant for evil*, God meant for good. 

I shall not give you any more details, but stay tuned to The BasketTM for updates and the eventual posts.

al (the weak) sends

* The author’s publisher is not evil nor were her scheduling difficulties necessarily a ploy of the Devil.  I realize that Sean Hanity is bigger than me and I submit accordingly.


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