8 responses to “Worship!

  1. Josh, I wish we could. We are getting ready for Uri’s ordination on the 25th (it will have fancy collars and richly embroidered table cloths) and I am not sure we have the time this week. Perhaps next week.

    al sends

  2. Ed, the beatings take place at an entirely different and undisclosed location. After we salve his back he will be brought to Trinitas Christian School where hands will be laid upon him. If he cries it will most likely be because his wounds are opening up again.

    You are more than welcome to attend brother. It will begin at 6:30PM sharp.

    al sends

  3. That is both good and bad Ed…

    Good that you are teaching the Word and bad that you won’t be there. To paraphrase The Stones: “I had some Presbyterian guys just dyin’ to meet ya!”

    al sends

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