Al Sends Forty Days of Purpose…

…because that’s the way he rolls.

Al Sends, the basketeer™ who keeps the basket™ from unraveling™, has committed to a blog fast in observation of Lent. This means many things to us, but I’ll cite just a couple or so.

  1. The place is likely to go totally liberal in his absence.
  2. Al’s example of self-denial is an inspiration.
  3. Al will likely come out the other side a holier and more virtuous man (though, clearly, he will be so humbled by his fast that there will be no mention of it from him).
  4. Our stats will run thin for the next month (but who cares, really? the snake in the toidy racked up 20% of last year’s totals…I think Al was thinking ahead).
  5. Somebody else is going to have bring the funny. Uri, you’re up!

We pray for a spiritually rewarding Lentin Season for Al, and we hope that all of you will manage in his absence. But for now…

al doesn’t send


3 responses to “Al Sends Forty Days of Purpose…

  1. We could take this forty day Lenten season to reflect on your charcoal sketch, Rob. Have you considered colorizing it?

  2. Dubya Dubya Deuce,
    I’ve tried to change the photo several times. WordPress is not interested in playing my silly little game, apparently. I’ll see if I can make it go ‘way!

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