Insignificant Bloggers Are Proven So…

… by a 3,000 hit post that proves just how few read The Basket on a regular basis:


UPDATE:  I wont put a new picture up, but we have had over 10,000 hit from that one post.  We really are insignificant…

al sends


6 responses to “Insignificant Bloggers Are Proven So…

  1. I’m working on follow up posts to keep the excitement going. I’m trying to get an elephant to steal my pick-up – with art, of course. I was also thinking that if we wrote a post linking the president of the United States with the antichirst, we might be able to get a steady stream of nutjobs to keep the stats moving.

  2. Yep, it took “the snake in a toilet” to push “obama as antichrist” out from the top spot of all time greatest posts.

    hmmm… Jim Jordan would have a good Garden analogy right here. I wish I was Jim Jordan.

    al sends

  3. First and most importantly … it is according to what “insignificant” is? Insignificant for quantity or insignificant for content?!? Quantity maybe but for content … that is an entirely different perspective. I believe there are far more bloggers that have a worldly view than there are bloggers that know, profess, and express Christ like views.

    Grandpa W.

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