I’m Just A Bill…

… yes, a stimulus bill.

Jim Treacher brings us this bit of fun.  His site also has the original Schoolhouse Rock video, make sure you check that out.




al sends


4 responses to “I’m Just A Bill…

  1. Calling a Democrat a Leninist or socialist is like calling a Republican a Nazi or fascist. All it proves is that you don’t know your opponents — and you don’t want to. If enough of us keep thinking this way, eventually we’ll have a country where dissent is intolerable and the government rules by force and fear. (Now lemme guess: you’re going to say that’s what we have now, right?)

  2. alarob…

    No one called a democrat a Leninist.

    The piece of legislation was called socialist. Of course, you have proven the stereotype true once again. Leftists cannot win in a battle of ideas. You must turn it into an attack on the persons involved. You are a hypocrite sir, crushing the very thing you purport to defend. Well done.

    al sends

  3. Al, I was referring to the cameo by Lenin in the last panel of the cartoon. I compared it to knee-jerk leftists’ resort to the “fascist” label for people they disagree with.

    I should have written “one doesn’t know” instead of “you don’t know.” My criticism was directed at the cartoonist, and it seems that you took it personally. My apologies for not taking more care with my words.

    I was making a comparison of knee-jerk labeling on both the right AND left. But if you prefer just to use me to strengthen your stereotype of “leftists,” then I’ll wish you well and won’t trouble you further.

  4. It is no trouble alarob…

    I guess if a policy is one the that the fascists put forth back in the day, then I am OK with linking that policy with Hitler or Mussolini. It has always been so in American politics. They put George Washington in a crown and robe when he was running for president.

    I appreciate the comments and hope you come back. We tend to be on the right side of the political spectrum around here and it is good to get poked in the eye every once and awhile.

    God bless,

    al sends

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