Giving Me Pause…

… stuff that has entered my visual field.

I saw a news report the other day lamenting the financial situation at the US Post Office. You may recall that the public has chosen to use other services for their correspondence needs.  Things like email and FedEx are winning the day in the market place.

Well, here is what a saw this afternoon that gave me pause:  At the post office I saw a postal delivery Jeep broken down on the side of the road.  I knew it was a postal delivery Jeep because it had the zooming eagle head logo on the side.  Nothing pause worthy there, but right in front of the Jeep was tow truck with the same logo.

That’s right folks… your postal service has its own fleet of tow trucks.

I have become convinced that the Post Office’s fight for funds has more to do with keeping the Post Office open rather than ensuring the public is served.

The second thing that gave me pause today was the show, The Biggest Looser.  Specifically, I have to wonder about Americans that will watch a TV show about people loosing weight.  WATCH A TV SHOW as OTHERS LOOSE WEIGHT!!!!  What have we come to?  Seriously…

al sends

NOTE:  Rob pointed out my spelling mistake and (LOOSING should be LOSE and LOSING) my appologies to all sensitive spelers.

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4 responses to “Giving Me Pause…

  1. I agree completely. How exciting is loosing weight? That is, unless you are loosing a ton of weight on a car or something. That might be mildly interesting. Obviously, safety is the first priority. You musn’t get caught up in the joy of the thing and forget the normal safety procedures. You have to make sure everyone knows that you are loosing the weight, so that they can be well away when it hits the object below. And then yell to everyone “look how much weight I’ve loosed!”

  2. Good question Ron… I am making a couple of assumptions here that may be unwarranted.

    First, the US Government’s presence in Pensacola is not unique. It is very possible that our population density would dictate fewer maintenance vehicles than one might find in a larger city.

    Second, one tow truck does not make nearly as much sense as multiple tow trucks.

    I have searched the Post Office Budgets for 2007 and 2008 and could not find expenditures for maintenance vehicles or tow trucks in the online versions. I will keep looking though.

    al ‘the over-stater” sends

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