Blogging For The Truly Lazy – 17 Feb 2009…

…  food stuff.

Every once and awhile we come across a site that is truly explanatory; a blog that brings the truth of a issue into sharp focus.  This Is Why You’re Fat is just such a blog.  Observe:


There is something completely appropriate about gravy covered pizza served up on a paper plate with plastic ware.

Don Gorske is the anti-Morgan Spurlock, the “Supersize  Me” documentarian.  He has eaten over 23,000 Big Macs since 1972.  Oh, and He has been in the news for this feat since at least 2001.

If you decide to follow hard after the gravy covered pizza or indulge in the Big Mac Diet my I recommend the following from Garment Guard people:

Subtle Butt Disposable Gas Neutralizers.

I’m just saying…

al sends


7 responses to “Blogging For The Truly Lazy – 17 Feb 2009…

  1. I submitted a photo… Be watching for an evil Bavarian Cream funnel cake. Even though I shared this tasty morsel, I’m still carrying around the pounds from it. :/

  2. I’d like to highly recommend Randy’s Southern & Soul Restaurant in Trenton, Georgia. Randy’s is justly famous for its 48 oz. hamburger. At $18.95 it’s a steal! Eat the whole thing at one sitting and you can get your picture on the wall of fame. Sorry to say I never attempted to put one down.

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