The Priesthood of the Leper

Leviticus 21:17-24 lists many physical defects. These defects hindered the priests from coming near to God. In Mark 1, the leper (a serious defect, according to the law) comes to Jesus. Jesus, who fulfills the ceremonial laws, touches the leper making him immediately clean, defectless. The leper becomes a blameless priest. In encountering Jesus, he enters the true veil and approaches the true altar (Lev. 21:23).


One response to “The Priesthood of the Leper

  1. Pastor Uri;
    I love this particular story, though I do use the account given in Luke 5:12-13. The picture is, Jesus and the disciples walking through a certain city. (Lepers were not to be in the city because they were unclean.) This leper dropped to his knees, then pitched over on his face as he called Jesus Lord. He confessed healing (and salvation) only by the will of God. Jesus then pronounced that it was His will for this leper (lost person) to be healed, reached out his hand and touched him. (the unclean leper, lost and undone) My question at this point is, “When Jesus reached out to touch the leper, lost man, did he look for a clean place to touch?” If he did, would this not be the same as using target demographics, to go after only those of our same social/economic status as potential souls for our church? or “Did Jesus simply reach out to that one God the Father had placed in frount of Him?”


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