Questions Not Asked…

… but should have been.

Just a couple of questions that did not get asked last night that I wish had been.  Of course it could be that the press corps did not have time to ask these questions since the Great Flatulator (there is a hot wind blowing from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave these days) ran at the mouth just a bit.

Here are the questions:

Mr. President, in referring to the deficit you inherited (and paradoxically voted for) you seem to speak as if it something that weakens our economy.  My question is two fold, are such deficits a bad thing and how will tripling them change that?

Mr. President, thank you for taking my question and reassuring the country through your use of the teleprompter (Okay, that last part was gratuitous, I’m apologize) that there is no pork in this bill.  My question is simply, how can you live with yourself?  I mean seriously, there is everything from an anti-prostitution program to a Polar Bear zoo habitat expansion in this bill.  

What questions would you have asked?  Perhaps this will help you formulate your questions:  HOTAIR.COM

al sends


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