It Burns! It Burns…

… give it to the children to play with.

We have a little tradition here at Providence Church.  When we get together for an evening event, like the Super Bowl for example, we try and have a “fireball” ready to go.

A fireball is cotton yarn wound very tight into a ball, which is then soaked in mineral spirits.  After a sufficient soaking, about 24 hours, we drain it of excess fluid and light it on fire.  For the next 20 minutes or so, depending on the size of the ball, we toss it back and forth to one another.  The children get the biggest kick out of it as is evidenced by these wonderful pictures taken by Rob’s wife at last nights party.  Enjoy



That is my son Jerry tossing the fireball to Ron, our deacon. 

Remember children:  Safety First!

al sends


2 responses to “It Burns! It Burns…

  1. We do have age limits…

    Not to say the young children don’t have fun here. We assign the 5 and under crowd the job of stamping out the small grass fires that tend to spring up. Like Smokey says, “Only toddlers can prevent neighborhoods from buring to the ground.”

    al sends

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