Boa Vinda…

… to Uri Brito, the newest BasketeerTM.

Uri is the new Pastor at Providence Church.  Originally from Brazil, Uri has been in the States for just over half his life now.  I will let him fill you in on his complete biography, but let me tell you that he is sound preacher, clear thinker, an excellent writer and a Man of God.  

Boa Vinda to the Handbasket, Uri.  Now, get busy.

al sends


11 responses to “Boa Vinda…

  1. Man, the presbies are really crowding the joint! That whole “one crying in the wilderness” thing is startint to make a lot of sense.

    Welcome, Uri. Post at will. (And at your own risk.)

  2. It’s not official till we get your mug shot on the page, Uri.

    Nice improvement on the picture, Al (Borland, not Sends).

  3. He can get his mug up on the wall of something after his first post. He may have second thoughts and I do not want folks throwing dead cats at him for no reason.

    al sends

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