Another Shot…

… at a parable.

This time I stole a bunch from one of Doug Wilson’s talks at AAPC, so it might win something:

A little boy asked his grandpa to tell the story, just one more time, of how the buildings in the city began to crumble:

“Sometime ago,” grandpa began, “there was a master architect who planned a city with one foundation, upon which every edifice (grandpa always used big words like this; concerned about the boy’s education dontcha you know) would be built.  The key to the whole thing was a type of concrete that could not only handle the weight of the buildings, but actually strengthened the buildings as they joined with the foundation.”

 “Construction worked its way out from the center of the city and while the breadth of the city increased rapidly, the builders soon began to add onto the buildings already built.  Towers and spires, hospitals on top of cathedrals, orphanages over the universities and everything held firm.   It was as if the foundation reached up beyond the ground floor and gripped the super structure.  The world marveled at the work being done and the builders received adulation, awards and accolades.”

“The builders soon began to believe there was nothing they could not build.  The only thing holding them back was the width of the foundation.  So, instead of going up with their buildings they began to add wings to buildings, which hung out just over the edge of the foundation.  They stood strong for the most part since they were attached to the buildings, still resting on the foundation.”

“One day, while giving a tour of what they had created, the builders began to say to their adoring public, ‘Look at the city we have built!  Marvel and get ready for our next big thing…  Detached garages!'”  “That,” grandpa said, “was the beginning of decay.”

al sends


7 responses to “Another Shot…

  1. I’m not an abstract thinker. Is this at all related to my comment at the mens meeting? Seems like you said something about building outside the foundation at the meeting. Are you planning on providing an interpretation like some of the parables in the Bible?

  2. Kevin,
    Read 1 Cor 3 and Eph 2. That shoudl do it for you, though if I were to rewrite this now, I would change a couple of things to keep it from breaking down too quickly.

    Let me know if those scriptures help at all.

    al sends

  3. I like this. And am very thankful of the foundation I received as a young one sitting under the teaching of my then youth minister, Scott Hildreth, faithful teacher of the word.

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