The Crisis Is Over…

… everyone return to your couch.

Mark Horne posted this and said it was a “MUST WATCH”.  I agree:

al sends


2 responses to “The Crisis Is Over…

  1. I’m increasingly convinced that Patrick Henry was right to oppose the ratification of the constitution in Virginia. He said that it was too weak to confine the federal government to the limited powers assigned to it. Abraham Lincoln proved him right and the republic formally died at Appomattox in 1865. The lesson hasn’t been lost on succeeding presidents and congresses. Beware of Barak Obama, he has told us ahead of time that his presidency will be patterned on that of Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt who also believed that we could spend our way out of trouble.

  2. I see the face of Wiley Coyote, having run way off the cliff and now just looked down. There he is, standing on solid air!


    P.S. I thought Dr. Paul made a lot of sense too, but what do I know?

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