Don’t Want To Be A Richer Man…

… ch-ch-ch-ch-changes.

Two men traveling in a Mini Cooper down the Vita Highway begin to speak about change and how difficult it can be for people.

The driver, a born leader of the post-modern variety, and director of much change,  humbly effused, “Change must be managed by a leader.  Change is a fearful thing and people must be lead through their fear.   Do you understand?”  His passenger, slightly dozing,  simply nods in agreement.

“The leader,” he says, “stays the course in spite of the naysayers.  The howls of “come back to old ways” must be overcome with a steady hand and a focused vision for the future.”

About that time the passenger wakes, begins to scream and grab at the wheel.  The driver pushes him away with cursing, never seeing the 18-wheeler as the Mini Cooper crosses the center line.

There are times when protestations are not so much over change, but really have to do with oncoming traffic.

al sends


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