Envy Is Hungry…

… and can get sooooo big it swallows nations.

From the Wall Street Journal Opinion Page:

American Power Is on the Wane

As the world stumbles from the truly horrible year of 2008 into the very scary year of 2009, there seems, on the face of it, many reasons for the foes of America to think that the world’s number one power will take heavier hits than most other big nations. Those reasons will be outlined below. But let’s start by noting that curious trait of human beings who, in pain themselves, seem to enjoy the fact that others are hurting even more badly. (One can almost hear some mournful Chekhovian aristocrat declare: “My estates may be damaged, Vasily, but yours are close to ruin!”)

So while today’s Russia, China, Latin America, Japan and the Middle East may be suffering setbacks, the biggest loser is understood to be Uncle Sam. For the rest of the world, that is the grand consolation! By what logic, though, should America lose more ground in the years to come than other nations, except on the vague proposition that the taller you stand, the further you fall?

The article itself if worth reading, but I wanted to make a point concerning our post fall condition if I might.  And here is the point:

Envy is a wicked condition of men, isn’t it?  It manifests itself in different ways and one of them is wishing ill on others so that we feel better about ourselves; stepping on the backs of fallen men to feel taller.  Isn’t this the reason TV shows like COPS and the audition stage of American Idol are so popular?

We are thrilled to see people with lives more pathetic than our own and can even be entertained by their misery.  We may be retched, naked and poor, but as long as  there is someone whose depravity is so evident we can point to it and say, “See, I’m better than that” then how bad can we be?

The national depravity mentioned here, where other nations long for the US’s downfall, is simply the result of a group of sinners covenanted together to form a state.

We should fight against it and flee to Christ who was reviled and did not revile in return.  Who saw the fall of many loved them to the end.

al sends


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