Big and Beautiful

In the spirit of Sam posts, here is a little interchange of my own with my seven year old, Sydney. We were looking at some baby pictures from around the time of the birth of Aaron, circa 1995.

Sydney: Daddy, where were you?

Daddy: We were at the hospital.

Sydney: Why were you wearing your glasses?

Daddy: I spent the night in the hospital room with Mommy, and I took my contacts out.

Sydney: No defense* Daddy, but those big glasses make you look kind of nerdy.

Daddy: You speak the truth, sweetheart.

*”No defense” is what Sydney says when she means to say “no offense.” Ashley and I are so amused by it that we have not yet corrected her. Aaron said “tennis-shoe” for “tissue” until about the age of 8, I think.


6 responses to “Big and Beautiful

  1. * Heaving a big sigh of regret that I never really got to know the Bryants *

    Love the Sydney story. We were always sad when the boys self-corrected those types of things. But we still use their old misspoken words and phrases. Taylor will always be Tay-Woo, Wesley will always be Lethey, and Chick-Fil-A will always be Chicka-Flicka.

  2. When Robert was little he expressed his love by saying “I wug you”. I agree, the Bryants should come home, we wug you.

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