… or Dude – My Zune!

My wife has a 30gb Zune MP3 Player, a gift from her loving husband awhile back.  She uses it all the time.

Long story short.  It locked up and is no longer operable.  I would not be telling you this except for the fact that hers is not the only one.  Apparently every 30gb zune in the world has locked up in the exact same manner and at the same time, midnight Dec 31st 2008.

UPDATE:  The TechBlogs are talking about it now: ZDNet

Here is what my lovely wife’s Zune looks like now:


al sends


4 responses to “Zude…

  1. I thought the same think Doulos, but even Evilsoft isn’t this malevolent. Bloated, inefficient and world dominant, but this? Whatever it is it has the potential to be a PR disaster.

    al sends

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