… Rob N. knows exaclty what this guy is trying to say.


And Kaleb hates it.

(For background on this little post:  SEE ROB AND KALEB AT FLABERGASTED

al sends


3 responses to “Juice…

  1. The man actually added a qualifier {Zionist}. Not ALL Juice, just the Zionist kind. It was obviously an afterthought, but I guess someone decided that he needed to be a little more pacific (not a homonym, but still worth using at every opportunity).

    By the way, that homonym is epic.

  2. That’s pretty epic. I’m sorry I’m such a terrible blogger and didn’t see this till now. It filled my heart with laughter. It is rather Martin-esque. “He hates these . . . juice boxes!”

    Finally, we find a man strong enough to stand up to the juice industry moguls. Cue the “Requiem for a Dream” soundtrack.

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