Entering Into Rehab…

… reputation ruined.

Do you want to ruin your reputation?  I am sure there are many ways to accomplish this, but let me give you a couple.  First, most obviously, you can join with the likes of drunkards, thieves and prostitutes in their pursuit of iniquity, rejoice in their sin and relish the thrills it gives.  This will ruin your reputation to be sure, but more importantly God also says that those who practice such things shall by no means enter the kingdom of Heaven (Gal 5:19-21).  Hell awaits the man with such a reputation.  Now, if your reputation before God is ruined, it is a matter of repentance and faith in Christ to restore it.

It is also possible to ruin your reputation in the world by eating with these same people.  Just breaking bread with the lowly will often make you of no reputation. When Paul said that Jesus made Himself of no reputation (Phil 2:7) part of that was fleshed out in who He dined with.    He was a friend to sinners.  He came and ate with the lowly and the rulers of this age mocked Him for it.

A wonderful thing happened when Jesus ate with sinners though.  Through His giving up of the appearance of respectability, he restored the reputation of thieves, lepers, rebels, prostitutes, and the power hungry.   Humility mixed with the love of God is rehabilitative.

Your reputation in the universe is sullied.  And the Son of God makes himself of no reputation and He eats with you.  Beloved, something wonderful happens at this table. .. you are rehabilitated.  By identifying with the Savior, His death and resurrection you are lifted up and set on a high place.

Christ is calling you to come to the table and eat with Him.  He calls the lowly repentant sinner to eat with the humble King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

al sends


One response to “Entering Into Rehab…

  1. Don’t worry about reputation. John came neither eating nor drinking, look what people thought of him. Hang in there!

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