Congress Gets a Raise…

… and why woudn’t they, really? 

A crumbling economy, more than 2 million constituents who have lost their jobs this year, and congressional demands of CEOs to work for free did not convince lawmakers to freeze their own pay.

Instead, they will get a $4,700 pay increase, amounting to an additional $2.5 million that taxpayers will spend on congressional salaries, and watchdog groups are not happy about it.


“As lawmakers make a big show of forcing auto executives to accept just $1 a year in salary, they are quietly raiding the vault for their own personal gain,” said Daniel O’Connell, chairman of The Senior Citizens League (TSCL), a non-partisan group. “This money would be much better spent helping the millions of seniors who are living below the poverty line and struggling to keep their heat on this winter.”

Has anyone worked harder than Barney Frank on this issue?  Shouldn’t Christopher Sheys be rewarded for daring to shut the barn door when everyone else was staring at the cows as they walked across the pasture?  Now, perhaps George W. Bush should get a bump in his retirement pay.  His insight alone should be sufficient to allow him a little parting gift.  He bought a house in Dallas and if it were not for the collapse of the real estate he would have been forced to pay a fortune for it.

My goodness, we live in currious times…

al sends


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