Mull It Over (or, Mullet: Over)

My thinking has changed on a lot of stuff in the last few years. I hope I can always say that because my mind is really screwed up.

Nowadays I love celebrating the seasons of the church calendar. When I first began to be drawn to the observance of the church year, I think it was because all the cool guys were doing it. (Sort of like why I had a mullet as a 14-year-old: because Rick Springfield and Billy Idol and Mike-in-the-9th-grade all had one.) 

But as my thinking has (hopefully) matured, so has my affinity for Advent and Epiphany and Lent and Easter and Pentecost and Trinity. Peter Leithart does what he does so well in this post on the church calendar. He shows that observing the seasons of the church year is not only mature thinking but is truly mature.

I am curious how you, gentle readers who do not observe the church year, respond to his reasoning.


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