Molten Reformation

This is just fabulous. Responses?


3 responses to “Molten Reformation

  1. Great read! I love it! Let me hasten to add……..
    Some one once said, “Evangelism is one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread.” I teach that, “Evangelism is the natural by-product of a properly discipled life.” These two statements are really one, theologically. If the knowledge that you were chosen in eternity past to receive God’s wonderful grace does not drive you to your knees in gratitude and service, I’m not sure there is any more to what you have than “knowledge.” The question for most people in the church today is, “Are you part of the academic industry (a hearer) or part of the service industry (a doer)?” or perhaps you have joined the publicity and entertainment industry (worshipping the worship service-name it and claim it)?”


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