… in duties I don’t understand.

Are the dimensions of a new born baby that important?  If a baby is somewhere between 5 and 10 pounds, with a length shorter than Yao Ming, why does the world apparently suffer loss if I am unable to tell people that baby ‘June Bug’ was 8lbs 2ozs and 19′ long?

Think back to the last baby born, not your own,  who had such stats recorded and passed on to you…  What were they?  See.  So why the fuss over measurements?  I have my theories (most of which involve Dan Brown like conspiracies), but I would love to hear from the lady readers as to why this is important.

al sends


4 responses to “Failing…

  1. I smell an oversight on your part behind this post, Al. Did you not announce the Mahar stats and catch heat or something? Where is Sam when you need him? He would have just the right pithy, hilarious comment about this right now.

  2. I go, hold a lovely baby while the parents eat their first real meal in 24hrs, make appropriate cooing noises, have my picture taken with the cherub and pray for the family. I am then beat down for my lack of attention to that which is important.

    al sends

    (this is all tongue in cheek by the way)

  3. Al, Al, Al. You’ve been married how many years now? This is basically a lady thang. No guy I know gives a hoot what the stats are, just that the little Winston-Churchill-lookalike was healthy. Guys don’t care about height and weight until the boy weighs in for the football or basketball team. You gotta give the vitals when they’re born, same as you gotta listen to the monologue repeating every detail of the latest phone conversation with your mother-in-law.

  4. Well, don’t feel too bad, Al. Ladies mess up on this too. There was a wife/mother-to-be in our childbirth training class back when we were expecting Rob who bragged to the group that her friend had just given birth to a 7lb 16oz baby. Nobody wanted to embarrass her, but another dad spoke up with the perfect response – “Wow, that’s almost 8 lbs”.

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