Father of the Year

Occasionally my beloved will take the kids to school, leaving me home to wake up with Sam and Claire, feed them breakfast and play with them until Mom gets home. This morning was such a morning, and Mom was staying a while to attend a parent association meeting. This meant a little extra time with the two energy balls.

During the course of the morning I began thinking of things that needed to be accomplished during the day and I started to get a little antsy. I decided to get ahead of things by ironing a shirt (which my beloved usually does for me while I’m in the shower…it’s a whole routine). I had set up the ironing board and iron, and as I was getting the shirt ready for pressing my son (7) yells to his sister (2), “Hey, Claire! Wanna wrestle?”

Now, I’ve been reading a book by Doug Wilson called Future Men, and in that book he makes it plain (as he does elsewhere) that, among other things, boys and girls do not really make good wrestling partners. Even though Sam is autistic, I find Wilson’s advise to be sound and applicable. I have resolved in my mind and heart to do everything I can to train my boy up to be a man. I’m working out what it looks like to teach the boy what it means to be a godly man. I’m thinking about things I can do that will teach him about his role in the world. He may be autistic, but I’d rather he grow up to be an autistic man rather than an autistic Nancy-boy or an autistic Andy Kaufman. I felt compelled to intervene.

“Sam,” I bellowed, “you may not wrestle with your sister! She’s a girl and a baby! Boys don’t wrestle girls!”

Sam responded well, “I can only wrestle with Dad?”

Proudly I say, “Yes, Buddy. You can wrestle with Dad, but not with your sisters.”

“Okay,” he said. Pause. “Hey, Dad! You want to wrestle?”

“No, Son,” I said, “I can’t wrestle. I’m busy ironing.”

::blank stare::

I have a long way to go.

[Disclaimer: I’m not saying that ironing is “womens’ work,” I’m just pointing out the, um, irony of the moment.]


10 responses to “Father of the Year

  1. and why are you on here sharing with the whole cyber world that you don’t have a whole closet full of freshly pressed shirts just waiting for you to wear?

  2. For a description of my wife see Proverbs 31:10-31. The above had nothing to do with any failing on the part of my beloved. And it is indeed true that I didn’t even so much as put the iron to the shirt. She shooed me away from the ironing board and made short work of the deed.

    An excellent wife? I haz one.

  3. Dan, you are so right.

    David, you are so right.

    WW2, if I can’t use the iron I’m not sure I’d have much of a chance against you!

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