Where Have I Been…

… thinking thoughts without end.

 Mostly I have been reading an odd book I won by calling up a nationally syndicated radio show.  I answered a question that had Louis Farrakan as its answer and I won an advanced reader’s edition of OverSuccess:  Healing the American Obsession with Wealth, Fame, Power and Perfection.  The title is a bit awkward (do we heal the obsession by getting wealth, fame, etc?) and the author is more than a bit of an evolutionary humanist, but I have found his descriptions engaging and his statistics fascinating.  Let me give you a snippet from the author, Jim Rubens:

“We are, first of all, living longer – and better.  Since just 1776, we have more than doubled our lifespan from 30 to 78 years – an additional life and a half in which to become wise or to nurture grandchildren.  When our nation was founded, death limited the length of the average marriage to twelve years, and 40% of the children had lost a parent before they turned 21.”

 What do we do with all that extra time?  Surfing the internet for good bolgs to read takes up more of my time than you can even imagine, but apparently some folks are out making a ton of money.

Just a few quick bits if you don’t mind…

  • In 2004 there were over one million homes worth over one million dollars in the US.

  • In 2007 there were 270 yachts on order that were over 120 feet long. 

  • In 1964 the pay ratio between CEOs and their workers was 24:1 

  • In 2006 the pay ration between CEOs and their workers was 364:1

We also spend more money on things like healthcare, increasing our life expectancy even more.  One last bit of numberage…

In 1918/19 675,000 people died during the flu epidemic.  After those tragic years, Congress appropriated a total of ZERO dollars to work on a cure for the disease.  Epidemics were just a given part of life.  Today, the non-crisis National Institutes of Health has a budget over 28 Billion dollars.  If we have a 1918 level flu pandemic the CITI Bank bailout will look like a drop in the bucket in comparison.

 We are stinking rich… I think it would be better if we were just rich. 

al sends


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