The Question Is

So, Rob, not to pick on you, brother, but, I suppose, to pick on you, about this concrete communion thing.

It seems to me the real question is not, What is your or your son’s understanding of communion? (Important as that question might be).

Instead, the question is, Do you and your son have a place at the table?

That’s what came to mind this morning as I went to the communion rail behind a church family who have a mentally retarded daughter. Mom, dad, and daughter all communed. I realized that my own understanding of communion probably doesn’t rise very far above that little girl’s understanding and that that has absolutely nothing to do with whether I am privileged to come.

Just ruminating. Your thoughts?


5 responses to “The Question Is

  1. That is an excellent question – one for which I wish I had a satisfying answer. All I can say for sure is that I’m giving the whole issue a great deal of thought.

  2. Tonight at the dinner table Sam was talking about the Lord’s Supper, and he said, “And Jesus took the bread and broke it, and he gave it to the customers and said, ‘This is my body.'”

    Think he’s gone seeker-sensitive?

  3. So you are suggesting that the real question is, after all, “Do you and your son have a place at the cash register?”

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