A Little Help from WSJ

Not only am I bad with money, but I do not understand money. I make an income. I spend. I give (not enough). I save (not enough). I’ve got a (very) modest retirement portfolio that is connected to the stock market and mutual funds and some other stuff. But that’s about it.

I hear the daily bad news about finanancial meltdowns and global downturns and credit cunches and my eyes glaze over. I have to accept the word that things are really bad because, for better or worse, things look about the same from where I sit. My hunch is that this is only because I am such a financial freshman. Greenback greenhorn. Budgeting boob. Numbers numskull. You get the point.

That is why I was glad to read this WSJ opinion piece by Daniel Henninger. It’s called “Mad Max and the Meltdown.” Mad Max, I get.

Anyone know of any other pieces that could help a fiscal fathead better understand the monetary meltdown?


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