Somebody Cue Lee Greenwood!

Here’s the best line of the week. It was spoken somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but it truly expresses something – what that something is I haven’t exactly sorted yet, but it does express something.

In our Wednesday evening Bible study we’re going through a survey of the whole Bible. Very overviewish. Last night we went through (most of) Leviticus. Before we began we were having cookies and mint brownies with our coffee and juice, and one young man (whose identity is withheld to protect the fine lad) responded to something I said about Levitical law. I was stunned for a moment, then I laughed involuntarily. He was mostly kidding, I think, but he said it with conviction…which only made it funnier. Anyway, ready for the line? Here it is:

“That doesn’t apply to us. That was the Old Testament. We’re Americans!”


3 responses to “Somebody Cue Lee Greenwood!

  1. Heh heh! Taylor says he was definitely kidding. He was being sarcastic. I thought it was hilarious too! (But it would probably almost be funnier if he were serious. Sadder, but funnier!)

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