Gloriously Duped and Swindled

I loved this article by Anthony Esolen called “The Tale of Two Kings: The difference between God and the gods.” Esolen is a Professor of English at Providence College in Providence, Rhode Island, and an editor of Touchstone magazine. He is also one of the smart guys over at Merecomments

Taste and see:

That story of David and Bathsheba reveals the workings of a God whose ways are not our ways, whose thoughts are not our thoughts, but who made us to walk in his ways, and to be fulfilled in the intellectual vision of his glory. If it is not irreverent to say so, he is a God who swindles man into his restoration. He dupes man into truth. He becomes flesh, to raise man to himself.

Now digest.


One response to “Gloriously Duped and Swindled

  1. If we were talking about a created mortal, and not a holy perfect Creator God, that would be a nasty remark.
    But because He is Holy, Pure and Perfect it’s fine for Him to say or do these things.
    It’s sin for man to think that way because he is fallen. It’s righteousness for Him to do these things.


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