Me Likey

Cool new way to waste time more efficiently.


4 responses to “Me Likey

  1. Ooh, I love the new tabs features and safe browsing feature. However, I really don’t like the incognito mode. It lets you visit sites privately without saving a record in your history. Gee, wonder why they created that feature? Not a good idea.

    But other than that, it looks really cool.

  2. Yeah, they advertise the incognito mode as a way to keep someone you’re buying a present for from finding out about it. But it can obviously be used for much more nefarious purposes.

    That sounds like the very definition of sin, doesn’t it, distorting something given as a gift?

    I like Chrome because it’s (for some reason) a lot faster than other browsers on my computer.

  3. PS: Do you know how it compares to Firefox in terms of speed or size? We love Firefox, but if this is faster and doesn’t take up more resources, it may be a good choice.

  4. Pastor Bryant, You’re definitely right about the more perverse uses of incognito, but it also has a much more practical purpose. Incognito mode doesn’t write anything to your harddrive: you don’t cache web pages, save images, or accumulate a history. It’s bad when you want to go back to a page, because you have to reload the whole thing again, but it keeps your computer clean from thousands of little tiny files that take up lots of space. Anyhow, that’s my take on it. I doubt I’ll use this feature very much. Especially since Chrome isn’t out for Mac yet. Shoot.

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