Doug Wilson Came To Trinitas…

… he liked.

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12 responses to “Doug Wilson Came To Trinitas…

  1. Joshua, What surprised me was just how many people I know who are Christian Anarchists. I did not speak to everyone about this topic, but folks just kept volunteering the information.

    I don’t think I had heard the term before a couple of weeks ago and no less than three people brought it up Monday night. Is this something new or do need to read more?

    al sends

  2. It’s certainly not new. Though most Christian anarchists I’ve read have been protestant (Jacques Ellul, John Howard Yoder–along with most Mennonite theologians I’ve come accross) there have been proponents from both the Roman Catholic and Orthodox traditions as well. The Catholic Worker Movement (Dorothy Day) was outspokenly anarchistic, and the movement has an anarchistic strain to this day. The Orthodox theologian Nicolai Berdyaev was a Christian anarchist, along with the less orthodox Leo Tolstoy. Christian Anarchism can be said to go back to the early centuries of the church in Origen and the desert fathers.

    For most of these whom I’ve read, their anarchism flows out of a general commitment to pacifism, which is why in the panoply of anarchist movements, they are often referred to as anarcho-pacifists.

    Many contemporary conservative Christian anarchists align themselves with the anarcho-capitalist movement as represented by Lew Rockwell and the Mises Institute (connections here with the Ron Paul circles–a few of whom hang out in Doug’s comments section). These anarchists often rub shoulders with minarchists (as Doug calls himself) in solidarity against an overweening state. There is little that separates anarchism from minarchism–I saw an anarchist bumper-sticker which read: “I used to be a minarchist. Then I ran out of excuses.”

    Important to keep in mind as you are learning about anarchism is that the umbrella is really, really wide. When we hear the word, “anarchist”, we might picture a punk with liberty spikes and molotov cocktails. Christian anarchism is, or at least can be, far more subtle. The anarchy umbrella attracts movements as diverse, if not more diverse, than any socio-political heading I’ve come across. Just Wikipedia it, and go to town.

    The term “anarchist” can be a confusing and extremely offensive label. This is why I would be careful about effectively “outing” others as such in a public forum. What we say to a couple of brothers with whom, for the last three months, we have already discussed these issues is one thing. Or so I thought. But I am yet immature and am learning more and more what human community actually is.

  3. I apologize for “outing” anyone on this issue. I should have chosen my words more carefully. Please forgive me if I have caused either you or Joshua any pain by my loose fingers. They are as much a spark as my tongue it seems.

    God bless,

    Al sends

  4. Alls I know is that finally a post has eclipsed the Obama Antichrist post on the stats page. (Well, for this moment on this day, anyway.)

  5. Al, no worries. I’m serious when I refer to my immaturity. My right hand has offended my brothers, and so I have cut it off. Better for facebook and Wunderkammer to go than for all of me to burn.

  6. Mr. Bryant says, “We’re practically to the mid-point of the tribulation…”

    Apparently so with all of the anarchy talk going around. Thank you Mr. Pope for taking the time to post a nice explanation. I suspect I know more anarchists than I realize.

  7. Do I need to stop this blog and explain the charting on how all this is going to play out? The Antichrist comes AFTER the rapture (or before it) and the anarchy comes after the Cubs win the penant, which will be evidenced by massive ingestions of adult beverages and various forms of desecrations of pubic buildings. We will know this is the anarchy because the cops will be doing it too…likely high-fiving other law-ignorers. Obama, being a cubs fan, will then come and desecrate along with the others while holding an all pork hotdog – extra onions. I’ll have to explain a certain woman from Babylon in a forum kids are not likely to read. I wish you people would read your Bibles.

    (please note, this is in the spirit of the posts on the Obama Antichrist comment thread.)

  8. Pastor Stout, please pay it no mind. All is forgiven if there was any real sin to forgive, which I doubt. For as much grief as my internet persona has caused you, I meant nothing in the way of pointing fingers. We all just need a little reminder every now and again that the whole world is watching us, and even when they’re not, we have to make like they are.

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