A Menagerie of Post-Election Observations

  1. Best post-election line, voiced over pictures of Gov. Palin on the tarmac preparing to fly back to Alaska: “Sarah Palin was tagged and released back into the wild.” (Jon Stewart)
  2. Barack Obama’s election as the 44th president would not have been possible without the economic woes that so gripped the media, the political establishment, and the nerves of the electorate. There were a lot of reasons he won the election, but the crisis du jour was that-without-which-he-could-not-have-won.
  3. I praise God for a wise and balanced form of government that guards a peaceful transfer of authority time and time again and thus provides peace for its citizens despite who the officeholders happen to be.
  4. Joe Biden was right: there will be some major test of President Obama’s leadership coming from the international front in the first year or so. I don’t see how that can’t happen.
  5. I wish I could be more joyful about the election of the first African-American president (and, of course, I am very joyful in principle), but, try as I might, I can’t be.
  6. Watching Bill Maher and Michael Moore on Larry King Live, both goofy with schoolboyish giddiness over the election of Barack Obama, I thought to myself, This can’t be good.
  7. I grieve for the unborn innocents whose lives are in graver danger than ever.
  8. When Rome fell the church rose. The story of history is the story of the rise of the kingdom of Christ. Years later, we will see how the kingdom rose and prospered and what forces were at work to further the kingdom during the presidency of Barack Obama. That is the real story of this historic election.

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