::Blank Stare::


Screen shot of stats page…

Title Views  
Obama: Antichrist of the Book of Revelat 666 More stats

I promise you I’m not making this up. The stats on the Obama: Antichrist post have gone through the stinkin’ roof today. As of 1:50 p.m. this is what it looked like.

Have a nice day.


7 responses to “::Blank Stare::

  1. Anything to drive up the stats on this puppy…

    Yesterday (blog time) we had almost 900 views of the Obama AntiChrist book. An hour into today and we have almost 100 views. Blank Stare indeed.

    al sends

  2. Man Kaleb… I think there are always wackjobs looking to score the big one. The pool of crazies increases though given his messianic proclivities and the biblical ignorance out there.

    al sends

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